hometown dogs

The concept for Hometown Dogs began many years ago. Our Executive Director, Debby Graham, originally from the Chicago area, couldn’t find a real Chicago Dog in Washington. With our close proximity to joint base Lewis-McChord, Debby imagined others would like a taste of home and the idea of Hometown Dogs was conceived.

We weren’t sure how to make this dream a reality. But then, an interest survey of our clients showed a large number would like to work in the food service industry. Since there were no existing programs tailored specifically to the needs and interests of our clients, we decide to start a training program and a business!

This dream finally started to become reality in 2012 with much research and planning. The team has worked hard over the last 4 years creating a business plan, raising funds and perfecting a menu! After a lot of hard work, Debby’s dream is finally a reality! Our truck is finally on the road!

Hometown Dogs’ flagship gourmet signature hot dog is the authentic “Chicago Dog” made with all Vienna Beef ingredients from Chicago. In addition, Hometown Dogs infuses local quality products from Jones Soda, Franz, and Tim’s Cascade lending to the brand of Hometown Dogs. Hometown Dogs has been proud member of the Washington State Food Truck Association since 2016.

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