diverse staffing

Centerforce assists people with disabilities find employment with local businesses. This process can occur in two ways:

1. An employer can contact Centerforce when they have an open position and are looking for a qualified employee. A job developer will then meet with the employer to identify their needs and match a potential employee who can fulfill job description. Centerforce will also assist the employer with the initial orientation and training for the new employee and staff can also assist with additional training needs, or serve as a liaison with coworkers. When new tasks are needed to be learned Centerforce can assist with that too. We provide ongoing contact and support to both the client and the employer for any additional training or advancement assistance.

2. A client with a disability has come to Centerforce for assistance. We then complete an assessment of their skills and interests. Our job developers go out to local businesses to find a good job match for our clients. We will assist the client with application, interviewing, initial orientation and ongoing training if needed.

Ideal Business Partner:

A business that is interested in diversifying their workforce and has a socially responsible vision for their business. A business that has tasks that are not getting done on a regular basis. We can do job carving and develop a position to take care of those needs. Has an entry level position.

Staffing Partners:

  • Alaska Airlines
  • Auntie Anne’s South Hill Mall
  • Burger King
  • Burlington Coat Factory
  • Metro Parks Tacoma
  • Tacoma School District