group supported employment

Group Supported Employment is a paid job skill training program in which participants work together as a group in one of Centerforce’s social venture businesses. Group Supported Employment business ventures include grounds maintenance and janitorial services. Participants receive general on-the-job employment training as well as training specific to each job.

Centerforce’s Group Supported Employment not only provides an excellent service solution to our customers, but our participants gain valuable skill sets and learn how to work within a team environment.

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Examples of Successful Group Supported Placements


Isaac started his services with Centerforce in 1997. Over the last 16 years, he has gained skills in our grounds maintenance program that will assist him as he moves forward to community based employment.  Isaac lives at home with his parents and suffers from intellectual disabilities and hypertension. Since his involvement in this program he has learned the basics of lawn care and safe operation of commonly used lawn equipment. He has learned the meaning of team work, the importance of following directions, and is secure in asking for assistance when assistance is needed.  With ongoing and consistent support from well trained staff Isaac has grown in confidence, is becoming more outgoing, he’s well liked by his peers.  Isaac takes pride in being a productive member of his community and works at residences and commercial places in Pierce County. In July 2013, Isaac earned “Highest June Attendance” and “Best Crew Award” for his work on the grounds’ crew.


Lance started his services with Centerforce in 1998. Over the last 15 years, he has gained skills in our Group Supported Employment (GSE) on grounds maintenance. Lance lives at home with his parents and his brother Isaac and suffers from intellectual disabilities, asthma and allergies. Lance brings a spark of happiness with him to GSE.  He’s happy to serve in whatever capacity able.  While he continues to work on building his knowledge of equipment operation and contract quality standards he continually grows confident in his abilities as a lawn maintenance worker.  He’s able to move from task to task with minimal assistance and has improved greatly in his ability to identify and communicate contract needs.  The Centerforce staff genuinely care about each clients progress and Lance is a great example of how step by step everyone can grow and goals can be achieved. In July 2013, Lance earned “Highest June Attendance” and “Best Crew Award” for his work on the grounds’ crew.