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The promotion and inclusion of people with disabilities into their communities is what Centerforce is all about. We do this through not only assisting people with disabilities and employers to have a great employment match, but also by assisting our clients to be valued and contributing members in their community.  Centerforce supports people with disabilities and provide hundreds of volunteer hours in area non-profits.

Community Access: Community Access services help individuals participate in activities that promote individualized skill development, independent living, and community integration. Activities provide individuals with opportunities to develop personal relationships with others in their local communities and to learn, practice, and apply life skills that promote greater independence, community inclusion, and enhance quality of life and engagement in the community.

Community Engagement: Community Engagement services are one-to-one services designed to increase a client’s connection to and engagement in formal and informal community networks and support. Services are designed to develop creative, flexible and supportive community resources and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities that result in positive relationships, valued community roles and involvement in preferred community activities, organizations, groups or projects. Clients are introduced to community members, organizations, resources and supports that are available in their area. Clients are supported to develop skills, meaningful roles and positive relationships that will facilitate inclusion into their community. This service helps connect clients to generic resources and organizations in their community and once connected, supports clients to participate, interact and be included in the community.

Community Guide: Community Guide services are an increase in access to informal and generic community supports resulting in services that are short-term and designed to develop creative, flexible, sustainable and supportive community resources.

Respite Care: Respite Care is a service where another trained person or staff at a facility provides planned, short-term care (a few hours) for your loved one so you have some time away from care giving. Centerforce community respite services will offer individuals an opportunity to be more active in their community, enjoy recreational activities such as movies, bowling, or participate in other fun activities like cooking, art projects or volunteering. Services may be provided in our opportunity center, or in the community at local events, activities and places.

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